Dewi Nusantara - komodo / raja ampat Liveaboard


Dewi Nusantara's interior style is that of a "floating boutique resort"featuring the high end amenities guests expect from a boat of this standard.Catering to a maximum of 18 divers all of the state rooms are larger than traditional liveaboard state rooms (at 180 sq. ft. each, more than 60% larger than an average liveaboard cabin) each cabin has private ensuite facilities and air conditioning. There is also a 470 square foot "Master and CommanderSuite " at the stern of the main deck that features a king size bed, separate sitting area with a sofa, and table with chairs that reminds guests of the "captains quarters" from the schooner design that inspired her.Charters are 11 nights with 3-4 dives per day.

According to the vessel's managing partner, Guido Brink, "Our goal is to build the finest liveaboard yacht in the region and then put it in the best diving locations during the best diving season for that area." - Raja Ampat diving photos

Dewi Nusantara - prices


Prices are per person based on a twin or double sharing occupancy

Raja Ampat Nights Deluxe Master
9th Jan2014 - 8th Jan2015 11 nights $5,399** $6,399**
9th Jan2014 - 8th Jan2015 12 nights $5,899** $6,899**
9th Jan2014 - 8th Jan2015 13 nights $6,299** $7,299**

**Port and National Park Fee - Raja $215 - Raja and Cenderawaish $635 - Raja to Sorong $315 - Ambon to Maumere $525 - Alor Wakatobi combo $350 - Sorong to Ternate $390

Single cabin, non sharing cabin +65%

Nitrox $200 for the trip

Please note that you must have a minimum of 6 months left on your passport and one full clean page for your visa on arrival.

Packages Includes:

  • 11 nights on board Dewi Nusantara,
  • All meals and beverages (not including alcohol).
  • Transfers between airport and yacht.
  • 9 and 1/2 days of diving with up to four dives per day.
  • Shore visit,

Price does not include:

  • Port and National Park Fee - Raja $215
  • Raja and Cenderawaish $635
  • Raja to Sorong $315
  • Ambon to Maumere $525
  • Alor Wakatobi combo $350
  • Sorong to Ternate $390
  • Nitrox $200
  • alcoholic beverages
  • Hotels or domestic air travel to Sorong.

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Equipment rental costs

Tank Fills per trip per fill
Nitrox $200 $10
- within 12 months from last trip - -
15L tank $40 -
Rental Equipment per trip per day
Complete Set of Rental Equipment $300 -
BCD $150 $20
Regulator $150 $20
Computer Rental $150 $20
Wetsuit $90 $10
Mask Fins - -
Surface Signalling Equipment - -
Camera + UW housing $200 $25
per night dive
Torch $5
PADI courses
AOW $200
Nitrox Diver $200
Nitrox fills for trip after course $50

Dewi Nusantara - schedule


Dewi Nusantara - cabins


The Master Suite in the aft quarters of the main deck is the signature room of the ship and is a marvel of design and comfort. It occupies the full width of the vessel and from the stern it has a 180 degree view of the ocean behind the ship. With its 46 square meters it is the largest room on board and surely one the larger suites available on any live-aboard in the world. All furniture was specifically designed and manufactured by designer Bruno Helgen. Of course the suite’s design has a clear link with other interior spaces on board. But this suite is Bruno’s masterpiece! The lay out of the suite, the light, the view give the immediate feeling that you never want to leave…you’re home. The Master Suite has one king size bed. The own en-suite bathroom offers a shower as well as a bath with ocean view…

The suite has its own sitting area; a large corner sofa with a table made out of one piece of natural shaped teak.

There is ample additional storage in the wardrobe for all personal belongings.We offer a special metal flasks for drinking water and these can be replenished from the main supply in the lounge or dive centre All of the eight deluxe staterooms can be configured as twin or double rooms. These air conditioned staterooms are all individually designed by Bruno Helgen, a french top interior designer. On entering each of the Staterooms you will be surprised by its sheer size (20 square meters), unique colour setting and mysterious carvings. The curved shapes of the furniture and bathroom wall refer the feminine character of the ship, she is after all the Goddess of the Archipelago…

Dewi Nusantara - specs

Port of Registry/Flag :
Construction :
Type :
Length :
154 feet (LOD) 190 feet (LOA)
Beam :
39 feet
Max Passengers :
Stateroom :
Crew :
17 +3 dive crew
Tenders :
2 (28 feet) Fiberglass single 200 hp 4 stroke each
Fuel Capacity :
27,000 ltr
Fresh Water Capacity :
10000 liters
Cruising Speed :
9-10 knots
Range :
2700 nautical miles
Navigation Aids :
VHF, SSB, Furuno 36 mile radar, GPS and depeth sounder; all double. 2 sat phone
Voltage :
220 volt, charging station also 110 volt
Photography Services :
Length of Charters :
11 night charters
Dives per Day :
3 to 4
Nitrox :
Diving Instruction :
Dive Gear Rental :

Dewi Nusantara - itinerary

Sample Raja Ampat Itinerary 12 Days / 11 Nights / 9 1/2 days of diving. Please see our "Getting There" section for flight schedules and Gateway options for connecting your inTernational flights to domestic flights.
The following itinerary is for example purposes only. Your actual itinerary may vary due to weather or other environmental conditions and at the Captain's discretion in order to seek out the best available diving during your cruise.
Day Daily Events
Embark -2 days Bali Gateway: Arrive Bali, and overnight in local hotel.
Embark -1 day Bali Gateway: Fly from Bali to Ujung Padang. Overnight in local hotel at Ujung Padang Manado Gateway: Arrive Manado on Komodo and overnight at local hotel. Jakarta Gateway: Arrive in Jakarta and overnight at local hotel.
Day 1 (Embarkation) Bali Gateway: Fly from Ujung Padang to Sorong. Manado Gateway: Fly from Manado to Sorong. Jakarta Gateway: Fly from Jakarta to Sorong. Transfer from airport to Dewi Nusantara. Embark Dewi Nusantara. You'll be picked up at the airport of Sorong and taken to the yacht by private transfer. Once all guests are onboard, we will leave the harbor and head for the breathtaking region of Misool.
Day 2 Misool We'll do our check out dive at a calm site chosen to familiarize you with the region. The dive site, Vrenelies Gaertli is very large and diverse, easily affording several dives here. Dive-throughs, drop-offs and over hangs, all covered in beautiful corals makes Vrenelies Gaertli a special site. There is time in the afternoon to explore the incredible landscape by zodiac. Above the water, Misool is a breathtaking region with caves, caverns and huge rocks covering the landscape. Underwater, it's a wonderful combination of various species of fish, hard and soft corals, sponges, nudibranches plus all kinds of non-vertebrates like cuttlefish and octopus. There are also epaulet sharks here, only found in Raja Ampat.
Day 3 Misool Day three is a special day on which we will combine more great diving around Misool with an excursion into the fabulous island labyrinth. We'll go by zodiac through channels and valleys. Enjoy a walk to a cave on land and a visit to see native tombstones.
Day 4 Mansuar We'll head north away from Misool to Mansuar, an Island that could easily be re-named Manta Island. Not much more you can say about the diving here.
Day 5 Jef Fam From Mansuar we'll head a little northwest to Jef Fam, a group of islands featuring sites where you'll once again have the opportunity to see the wobbegong and epaulet sharks, unique to the region. You'll dive the region of Batu Burung where the dive sites are covered in colorful hard corals. A couple of other notable sites are Dinding Mera, a spectacular red wall full of soft corals and nudibranches and Warna Banyak, a relaxing drift dive through a coral-filled channel.
Day 6 Kawe Kawe is our next destination and will take us to the top of the equator. Here you'll visit Jurang Dalam, sometimes called 'deep valley' though it is only 25 feet in depth. For some reason it attracts sweetlips, Barsche, Glasfische, batfish and napoleons. Other sites you might visit include Batu Kiri and Hutam Hitam. There's also Berbados Cadas with its split rocks and dive-through which offers a topographical change to the scenery of this region.
Day 7 Wajag We'll move a little more north to Wajag where you'll enjoy topside and underwater adventure. Zodiac excursions through the labyrinth will provide breathtaking images that will last a lifetime. Underwater, the landscape is quite different with Jamur Selatan, Jamur Tengan Utara rising up in the sea like mushrooms. With an agreeable current, you can easily dive around them. At times, the currents from the Antarctic bring cool water and huge schools of jackfish, tuna, rays and even blue marlins!
Day 8 Uranie Today, we'll arrive at Uranie where there's a large cavern waiting to be explored! This cavern is huge with ample light coming in so you need not worry about claustrophobia. The atmosphere in the cavern is mystical and calm, offering a fascinating light show. Below on the cavern's bottom you'll see sleeping sharks that seem unreal. From here we'll most likely move to Batu Coquille where huge rocks rise up from the ground and water. The current here draws manta rays and barracudas.
Day 9 Waigeo/Eagle Rock We'll make our way to the area of Waigeo where we'll visit Eagle Rock, just around the corner. Eagle Rock is unlike anything you've seen so far. The protruding rocks in the middle of the sea are quite spectacular. On dives here you'll find white beaches with black coral gardens, great visibility, sweetlips, batfish and a variety of rays. In the afternoon we'll visit Sel Pele Bay where topside and underwater delights await.
Day 10 Wafak Wafak is the so called black forest of Indonesia. At about 90 feet there's a black coral garden to enjoy at your leisure. We'll stay here for a sunset dive and hope to see Mandarin fish and mimic octopus.
Day 11 Kri We'll be in Kri today where world records in counting different species have been broken. You'll be able to get some great pictures here where famous underwater photographers have shot some of their best work. We'll head back to Sorong for departure while we enjoy our final night celebration onboard with a special traditional song and dance presentation.
Day 12 (Dis-Embark) Sorong Disembarkation in Sorong. You'll be taken to the airport by our private transfer. All domestic flights back to your Indonesia Gateway city complete their journey on this day. Overnight in Indonesia gateway city
Post Disembarkation Day Board InTernational flights for home or begin your land extension to visit other magical Indonesian destinations.

Raja Ampat Packages Includes:

  • 11 nights on board Dewi Nusantara,
  • All meals and beverages (not including alcohol).
  • Transfers between airport and yacht.
  • 9 and 1/2 days of diving with up to four dives per day.
  • Shore visit on Misool,

Dewi Nusantara - diving


## Dewi Nusantara Raja Ampat getting there</h1>

Sorong is the harbour town in West Papua and the normal departure point to dive Raja Ampat. If you are unsure of how to get to Sorong to start your trip it will depend on where your international flight into Indonesia is landing. If you check this link it will give you more of an idea of the timings and even a map of the possible routes to show you your possible options.

It is not possible for someone outside of Indonesia to purchase domestic flights in Indonesia so these can be purchased for you by me, if you would like, and added to your invoice. It will be about $600 return dependant on exchange rates, availability and where your entry airport is in Indonesia. We recommend coming through Jakarta as the quickest and easiest route to take. The cost of the domestic flights are not included in the trip price.

We recommend coming through Jakarta as it is the easiest and fastest route. From Jakarta it is possible to reach Sorong in one day.

From To Date Dep Arr
Jakarta (CGK) Sorong (SOQ) Day of departure 01:10 07.20

The return trip from Sorong to Jakarta

From To Date Dep Arr
Sorong (SOQ Jakarta (CGK) Day of disembarkation 10:40 12:40

If you come from Bali to Sorong it is a 2 stage process, from Bali (DPS) to Makassar (UPG) and from Makassar (UPG) to Sorong (SOQ), there would be a night in a hotel in Makassar on the way out (Ujung Pandang and Makassar are the same place and the half way point to Sorong). We recommend the Imperial Aryaduta in Makassar-

These would be your flights from Bali to Sorong.

From To Date Dep Arr
Bali (DPS) Makassar (UPG) Day before departure 18.30 19.50
From To Date Dep Arr
Makassar (UPG Sorong (SOQ) Day of departure 10:00 13:10

The return trip from Sorong to Denpasar (Bali) is done in one day using 2 flights - SOQ-UPG and UPG-DPS

From To Date Dep Arr
Sorong (SOQ Makassar (UPG) Day of disembarkation 11:40 12:55
From To Date Dep Arr
Makassar (UPG) Bali (DPS) Day of disembarkation 16:30 17:50

Domestic Air Carrier Notes:

It is generally not possible for someone outside of Indonesia to purchase domestic flights in Indonesia so these can be purchased for you by Premier Liveaboard diving and added to your invoice. It will be $600 return normally dependant on where your entry airport is in Indonesia.

Premier liveaboard diving and its local flight agent can purchase the tickets on your behalf, however, in doing so, Premier liveaboard diving is only acting as an agent for the airline and is not responsible for, and can accept no responsibility for, cancellations, delays, schedule changes, or problems caused by the air carrier. We highly recommend trip interruption and cancellation insurance.

Dewi-Nusantara Itinerary Canderwashi

These trips are still quite exploratory but of course the highlight is diving with the whalesharks. Dive sites around the area are constantly being discovered and this trip should be treated as one of discovery safe in the knowledge that you are on a first class destination in one of the world’s newest hot spots for diving.

Dewi Nusantara - faqs



The areas where we dive are unmatched for small and unusual marine wildlife. The species list is endless and new ones are still being discovered in these areas. Whales, manta rays, sharks and larger pelagic species are found in the dive sites with higher currents. Strong currents and up-wellings transport nutrient-rich waters throughout these areas.


The average air temperature in the regions we visit ranges from 25 - 32o Celsius or 77-90o Fahrenheit.


Vaccinations for typhoid, paratyphoid, tetanus, Cholera, Polio, and Hepatitis A are recommended. Malaria is endemic in many parts of Indonesia, please check with your local Tropical Disease Centre for anti-malaria/diver friendly medication.


The Indonesian currency is Rupiah. Rates fluctuate enormously, please check with our cruise directors for your cruise exchange rates.


Regarded as the fifth most populous nation in the world, there are approximately 200,000,000 in Indonesia. The majority, around 60% reside on the island of Java.


An amazing diversity of religions exists. Predominantly a Muslim nation, islands like Timor, North Sulawesi and Flores are Christian. Hinduism is found mainly in Bali. Scattered throughout the region are a variety of other beliefs.


Bahasa Indonesia, almost identical to Malay is the one national language. Several local dialects exist in each region as well. English is widely spoken in the more popular tourist destinations such as Bali.

Diving Indonesia

Out of 14,000+ islands in the archipelago, there are a plethora of exclusive dive locations in Indonesia, boasting up to 80% of the worlds species of undersea life. With Indocruises we take you to pristine spots not that known in your average dive travel guide and which are still being explored. Explore this vast archipelago in comfort, safety and luxury aboard the Pearl of Papua with our experienced and qualified crew.

Dive conditions in Indonesia

  • Diving all year around is possible.
  • Watertemperature 24°(75°F) to 30°C(86°F) (In the south of Komodo it drops down to 21°C (70°F)
  • Visibility is mostly very good (up to 30m) Diving rules

Safety Procedures and Emergency Evacuation Information:

Hyperbaric chambers (or recompression chamber) in Indonesia There are 6 recompression chambers in Indonesia to treat decompression sickness

Bali: Sanglah General Hospital (in Indonesian language) USUP Sanglah Denpasar JI. Diponegoro, Denpasar 80114 Bali, Indonesia: Phone 62-361-227911 through -15 ext. 232 (hyperbaric medical department) Fax 62-361-22426 Run by Dr. Antonius Natasamudra and Dr. Etty Herawati

Manado (Sulawesi): At the Malalayang Hospital (chamber for 3 to 4 persons) Phone: 0811430913 and ask for Dr Jimmy Waleleng (Phone home 860953). Makassar (Sulawesi): Rumah Sakit Umum Wahidin Sudirohusodo. Contact person: Pak Daniel Address: Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 11, Tamalanrea Kampus UNHAS Indonesia TEL:++ 62 - 0411 (584677) , 584675. Said to be for 3 to 4 persons.

Jakarta (Java): Rumah Sakit Angkatan Laut (Navy Hospital) in Jl. Bendungan Hilir No.17, Central Jakarta (see text in italian with some addresses - list of help) Kalimantan: The Borneo Divers have the only professional recompression chamber located on Sipadan island (Borneo - Malaysia)

Surabaya (Java): Rumah Sakit Angkatan Laut (RSAL) (Military Marine hospital) Jl. Gadung no. 1, Surabaya: Phone 031-45750 and 41731 (another number given was 031-838153 and fax 031- 837511) Run by Dr Suharsono Available SAR (search and rescue) contact information:

  • SAR Bali : ph 0361 - 751111 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Lombok : Ph 0370 - 633253 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Makassar : Ph 0411 - 554111 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Manado : Ph 0431 - 825986
  • SAR Kupang : Ph 0380 - 831111
  • SAR Ambon : Ph 0911 - 351111
  • SAR Sorong : Ph 0951 - 323816

Available SAR (search and rescue) contact information:
Medivac facilities from Travira Air